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Business strategies to operate at the most desirable and greatest possible level of efficiency, speed and productivity.

OUR Launch Point

Too many small and mid-sized businesses are held back by operational bottlenecks and lack of strategic direction and implementation. As business owners and leaders we are often too close to the problem to find a solution or we are so tied up in the day-to-day operations of the company that we don’t have the time and capacity to address the issues.

We are driven by finding the perfect solution for each and every business we work with.

Our Solutions Help You:

  • Meet your goals

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Optimize operations & workflows

  • Decrease employee turnover

  • Accelerate your business

Case Studies

Functional Medicine Practice

Pre-Launch – Low employee satisfaction, chaotic, constantly “putting out fires”, no systmes or processes in place.

Post Launch – Well defined processes and systems, 100% employee satisfaction, 82% less time spent on damage control related tasks, Increased client retention & Satisfaction.

Chamber of Commerce

Pre-Launch – Disorganized, inefficient, poor customer satisfaction, low revenue, chaotic.

Post Launch – Clear-goal-based strategic plan, detailed member value proposition, 78% increase in member satisfaction, 42% increase in new members, 56% increase in member retention.

Educational Technology Provider

Pre-Launch – Internal conflict of interest, hectic processes, frustrated employees.

Post Launch – Defined product launch plan, departments aligned on organizational goals and execution, 23% increase in revenue.

Damage Restoration Service Provider

Pre-Launch – High employee turnover, declining customer satisfaction, missed appointments and sales due to lack of organization and systems.

Post Launch – Very low employee turnover, strong customer satisfaction, no missed appointments and sales, increasing revenue, efficient and well-functioning systems.

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