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Operational Audit

Imagine how much you could accomplish with defined actions and increased clarity.

"Get your team, ops, and technology on one page: Yours."


Are you looking to scale quickly, sustainably, and successfully?


Have you experienced rapid growth and found yourself scrambling to refine your operations?


Do you find yourself wondering where the gaps and inefficiencies are hiding?


Are your operations sluggish or confusing?

Get your team, ops, and technology on one page: Yours.


No more patching holes in your operations with duct tape and glue.

The Operational Audit from Launch Point is a deep dive into your three key areas of Operations, People, Processes, and Technology, to:

Evaluate your current state

Identify key areas for improvement & efficiency

Recommend areas of streamlining & standardization

Propose the best path forward for smooth and sustainable growth

Your people. Your processes. Your technology. Our expertise.

Are you a high-growth company with expansive goals for the future?

Are you a visionary with big ideas but lack successful integration in your business?

Can you draw the BIG picture but struggle to define the day-to-day details that connect the dots?

Our Ops Strategic Planning Session:

Connects your overall vision to an achievable structure for your operations
Provides you with an Ops roadmap for successful execution
Operationalizes your strategy across the entire organization
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This is your Strategic Ops Roadmap to success!
Operate your business at the speed of LAUNCH POINT.