5 Simple Rules for Successful Strategic Planning

November 12, 2019

Goal setting and strategic planning is on everyone’s mind as we get ready to close out 2019 and gear up for the new year. To make sure your 2020 strategic planning goes as smoothly and effectively as possible here are our top 5 simple rules to follow.

1. Off-site is always better

When we are at the office it is too easy to get pulled in a hundred different directions and let our minds wander to other seemingly urgent tasks. Plan your strategic session off-site so you can give it your undivided attention and focus.

2. Involve all departments

It is true that you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen, but it is important to not forego any departments when putting together the team for your off-site strategic planning. Make sure you have a leader from each one of your departments present while still keeping your group to a manageable size.

3. Set rules of engagement

Establish ground rules for an effective session and communicate them clearly. For example: attack the problem, not the person; be quiet unless you have something material to add; don’t beat issues to death; no cell phones, etc.

4. Brainstorm

Be completely open to any ideas during brainstorming sessions in your strategic planning process. Allow a certain amount of time for idea flow and then use an equal amount of time to identify the ideas that will bring you closer to your established goals and key initiatives.

5. Plan & execute

The most important aspect of any plan is translating it to the rest of the organization. Having all employees onboard and clearly understanding the plan is the only way to successfully execute a strategy. Develop an implementation plan along with your strategic plan that is broken down into well-defined action items for each department to execute.

Have questions about strategic planning? Give us a call – we would love to help!